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Nikon brought world-renowned photographer, Sandro and Richard de Aragues together to co-direct ‘Joy Ride’ and showcase the Nikon D800 HD-SLR and NIKKOR lenses. To demonstrate the camera's video capabilities, the film was shot in some fairly challenging lighting situations using only available light with Nikon's really fast sharp lenses - the 14mm 2.8, the 24, 35, 50, 85mm 1.4 and the 300 & 400mm.


The extremely fast-paced bike sequence required real precision, utilizing up to 10 units to capture its speeds of over 140mph through downtown Chicago. The camera chase bike had front and rear cameras; the hero BMW 1000RR had a camera over the gas tank shooting US TT rider Mark Miller to capture street reflections from his helmet and visor; a Nikon D800 was mounted on the chase bike to pick off profile hero shots; another camera had a full time 400mm with a wireless remote focus system; two other ground cameras were designated as Nikon fast prime cameras and another unit was dedicated entirely to Steadicam.

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